Friday, May 12, 2006


I go to the laundry to do laundry and nothing else. I don’t go there to seek long lasting relationships or anything. It’s a place for business for me. I am there to clean my clothes, so that when I do go somewhere, seeking long lasting relationships, I’ll look presentable and smell clean.
I know some people love to talk and it doesn’t matter where they are, subways Laundromats. It doesn’t matter, they just keep talking. They’ll talk to anyone. Anyone who will listen—or not. I haven’t really figured out if it comes from lack of sanity, insecurity or just plain old loneliness. You know, it’s not that I am against talking, or even listening for that matter. It’s just that I don’t have any tolerance for it anymore. I’m just done with it. I love having stimulating conversation, but not in between adding the fabric softener and spin cycle. And certainly not with someone, who is invading my already allotted time. It’s the little friendly talk that I hate because it’s time consuming and doesn’t mean anything.
“Hi, how are you? Fine. You? Good.”
You see, five seconds of my time wasted. Just completely wasted. Now, you’re saying to yourself, “What’s just five seconds?” I’ll tell you.
Five seconds multiplied by 50 people. That’s 250 seconds which is like 4 minutes and 17 seconds of my life and when you multiply that by 366 including leap year, that like 24 hours and that’s one day of my life wasted on people whom I don’t care about. No, I can’t have that. Not my life. No. Nuh-uh, nope. Not my life.
I am at a point where I can pick and choose whom I associate with. You know, no more of this mamby-pamby high school shit, where I’m hoping some loser signs my yearbook. I graduated that shit a long time ago, baby. No more unwanted people in my life. You see this above my head, it says “No Vacancy!!” Blink, Blink. NO VACANCY!!!!

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Robert said...

Hey just wanted to say Hi, how are you, how are you doing? Good? Fine. Me too. - Ha ha. This was hysterical and oh so true, I'd say more but clearly you have issues with small talk. Talk some solace in that reading this though only took 20 seconds from you. :) - xo Gompers