Wednesday, May 10, 2006


B. T.

I like that the word “like” has no commitment. Think about it. You can like something or you can really like something or you don’t even have to like anything at all. When I was younger I liked colors and would see people as colors. Not skin color, but like an aura, but nothing mystical like that. When I met someone, I would see him or her as a bright orange, red or purple. I saw myself as a blue, a really magnificent blue, so naturally I really liked the color blue. I’m talking really, really liked the color blue.
I had to have a blue shirts, blue bed sheets, blue sneakers. I had to use the blue crayon, always. Then when I got older, colors were just there. I didn’t pay attention to them like I used to. I realized that stuff didn’t have to be blue anymore. There was room for other colors, other things, important things. Having a favorite color just became something really really silly and I didn’t think twice about letting go something that meant a lot to me. I still see colors around people. It’s just depends on whether I pay attention to it or not.
You (point to anyone in audience), I see you as a green. Not envy green. Just green, with a little yellow, but you’re mostly green.
You (another person), you are…violet with a little bit of red. Don’t expect me to tell you about yourself, like astrology. It’s nothing like that. It’s just color. I notice a lot of the time, especially in the laundry how people treats colors. Separating the whites from the darks is not enough sometimes for certain people. I like watching the ones who keep all the reds together, yellows together and of course the blues together. Then there are the ones who just pile everything together. They don’t appreciate colors.
(Looking at someone in audience) You know, you should really try wearing something blue. You’d be amazed at what happens to a person when they wear the color that was meant for them. It’s really magnificent.

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