Tuesday, May 09, 2006


SAV (save)
By Bilgin

I used to deliver newspapers to peoples houses...well they weren’t really newspapers, they were those coupon papers for the local supermarket. I would roll them up and stick them in plastic bags. Every now and then I would put a dirty Odor Eater or a condom- unused of course, in the bag, you know, like a Cracker Jack surprise. I don’t think anyone really looks at the coupons unless you’re old. The deals, the deals, they’re always looking for the deals. I just steal the stuff I need. Well, not really…the mick lets me take what I need every once in awhile. Hey, one time I saw this guy burn up in a vestibule. He was some homeless guy that either someone set fire or fell asleep with a cigarette. I remember getting to the building where I was just gonna hurl the bag at the door and I see a flame through the little windows doors have. So, I get up close and see something burning. It didn’t even look like a person. I saw some fuckin’ hipster on his phone and told him to call the police. Then I just ran my fingers down every buzzer to let the people in the building know. Weird thing is that no one came out. I mean it was a small building, like 4 or 5 apartments, but I couldn’t believe no one was home. I rang the buzzers a couple of times, just in case. Then the firemen show up and I felt like a little kid watching them, you know, and they kick the door in and pull the burning thing out. It was a guy. His legs looked how charcoal gets when it holds the fire in. Then the guy coughs or something and just smoke comes out of his mouth. His face was completely burned, black. It turned out to be some neighborhood drunk. I seen him a couple of times on the street. I think he died. Sucks, you know. The cops started questioning the fuckin’ hipster. I just walked away. I went over to the BQE, where it looks over one of the Watchtower buildings, and I threw all the bags on to one of the roofs. Fuckin’ Jehovah Witnesses. Then I went to the promenade and fell asleep on one of the benches. The Brooklyn Bridge is really nice at night. Real pretty.

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